Video Security (CCTV) Systems

Increasing Usage & Effectiveness of Video Cameras

Video security systems are a proven and effective method of securing premises and they are being installed at ever increasing rates in business, public and private organisations, buildings and spaces, as well as residential homes. This is due to the fact that camera systems are getting more powerful and intelligent, are accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection, and are increasingly better value for money. Additionally, with today’s technology, video security systems are not only another layer of security and a deterrent for criminals, they can also help in decision making and provide opportunities to enhance organisational and public safety, efficiency and operations.

SECURITY TIP: Beware the Megapixel race. While camera resolution is important, which cameras and resolution to use depends on the application. In some situations a lower-resolution camera can provide better images than a high-resolution camera. Additionally, high-resolution cameras require 3-4 times more storage, which adds significant cost to the project. Lastly, beware of product specifications. Two different cameras quoting the same specifications may exhibit vastly different performances. The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Video Camera Outdoor in Ryde NSW

Deter Intrusion & Vandalism – Vast majority of vandals and thieves will avoid buildings with camera systems. Apart from recording 24/7, today’s cameras can detect intruders and set off an alarm, day and night, even before they have a chance to break into the building.

Increase Chances of Apprehension and Prosecution – With early detection and Police notification, plus a recording of the event, video security greatly increases the chances of catching criminals during and after the fact, and getting a conviction.

Reduce Inventory Shrinkage – Strategically placed cameras can minimise loss of inventory and other valuable assets. In many industries theft by employees exceeds theft by outsiders.

Save Time & Reduce Travelling Expenses – Check your premises from anywhere using an app or a web browser. Check promotional layouts in retail stores. Check that factory processes are running smooth. Scan warehouse stock levels, and much more.

Secure Off-Limits Areas – premises with sensitive or high value areas often use Video Security as an added measure to monitor access and record comings and goings.

Secure Large Perimeters – premises with large fenced areas can use different camera types and technologies to monitor fence lines and detect intruders trying to gain access. For example thermal cameras with analytics can detect intruders more than a kilometre away from the camera.

Deter Workplace Violence & Harassment – Reduce the possibility of violence and harassment and deal with any incidents swiftly using recorded evidence.

Reassure Customers and Public – Customers and the public feel safer in places with video security. Additionally, there is a growing number of progressive service businesses that use live video feeds to show customer the work being done. An example would be a car mechanical centre.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency – Reviewing and analysing recordings can identify inefficient processes. In the case of video analytics, data and graphical representation of the data can help for example with customer traffic patterns, dwell times at locations of interest, people counting, customer service queue management and much more.

Reduce Work Accidents & Monitor Adherence to Procedures – cameras using video analytics can help to enforce procedures, for example, an alarm can be set off in a factory or warehouse if an individual enters the area without a safety vest or if someone walks across areas not designated for pedestrians.

Reduce Security Costs & Increase Effectiveness – “intelligent” video cameras can detect events more efficiently and effectively than a human counterpart who may get tired and may be monitoring several areas or monitors at once. Most businesses and organisations do not have.

Gather Evidence for Legal Disputes or Customer Complaints Without video footage it often comes down to your word against theirs. Video footage fast-tracks case dismissal or resolution, saving you valuable time and money.

Video Security (CCTV) System Applications

We custom design, supply, install and maintain video security systems across the Greater Sydney Region. We will happily go through the proposed solution and can demonstrate the key products chosen for your specific needs. Key verticals that we specialise in include the following:

• Industrial Units
• Storage Facilities & Warehouses
• Logistics Centres
• Data Centres
• Financial Institutions
• Hospitals and Medical Centres
• Retail Stores
• Shopping Centres

• Small to Large Businesses
• Pubs and Clubs
• Office Buildings
• Schools
• Public Places
• Marinas
• Gyms & Fitness Centres

Medical Lobby with Security Camera in Ryde NSW
Security Camera in Parking Area Ryde NSW

Security & Data Systems use products from leading manufacturers such as Axis, Bosch and UNV. This means you get the latest video technologies, high product reliability, clear images day and night, options to use Video Analytics, and maximum data security to protect against network hacking.

Visit our Video Analytics and Vide Monitoring Pages pages to learn about additional benefits of using a Video Security (CCTV) System. CCTV systems can also be used in conjunction with Monitored Alarm Systems to increase the level of security.

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