Video Analytics

Why Use Video Analytics?

Video analytics turns a security camera into a programmable smart device that can autonomously respond to a wide range of circumstances and trigger appropriate actions or responses. For example, a video analytics enabled camera can detect a person scaling a fence or an object being left at the door and immediately send an automatic alert to the monitoring centre as well as being able to trigger an event such as playing a warning audio message. Video Analytics can also be used in a wide range of applications covering security, specified monitoring requirements, quality control, inventory management, enforcement of health and safety procedures, and to search for specific recorded events in a matter of seconds. Additionally, data gathered by video analytics can be used for operational, sales and marketing decision making.

SECURITY TIP: If investing in video analytics be sure to choose a high-quality solution that provides the highest degree of accuracy. Low-end video analytics tend to misinterpret events and trigger false alerts. This is especially true in outdoor applications where variable light and weather conditions may affect the camera analytics.

Common Video Analytics Applications

Video analytics are getting more powerful and “smarter” than ever before. Some camera manufacturers have even introduced machine learning capabilities where a camera can differentiate between objects based on taught behaviour. Below is a list of common video analytics applications that can be performed to high levels of accuracy with high-quality video security systems. While some of the below listed applications may require additional software, for example Face Recognition, most can be found within the camera or on the server-side as pre-sets, completely customisable settings, or written scripts.

Video Analytics Ryde NSW

• Crowd Density
• Occupancy Levels
• Hands-Free Entry / Exit
• Object Classification
• Object Counter
• Object Tracking
• Perimeter Protection

Video Analytic

• Illegal Parking
• Entering an Area
• Crossing an Area
• Loitering in an Area
• Direction Tracking
• Camera Tampering
• Gunshot Detection

Video Analytics in Car Park Ryde NSW

• Removed Object
• Queue Management
• Speed Monitoring
• Retail Analytics
• Traffic Flow
• Car Plate Recognition
• Face Recognition

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