Intercom Systems

Know Who is at Your Door

Whether used in large buildings or homes, intercoms are designed to alert when someone is at the door and allow a more informed decision as to who wants to gain entry. They act as a doorbell, a two-way speaker system, and these days more often than not, a one-way camera system. In commercial and larger buildings, intercoms also act as an access mechanism, where at the press of a button (physical or digital) they can open gates and doors to allow entry. Intercoms can be easily integrated into your existing security system or be set up as stand alone. Wired (recommended) and wireless options are available and many support mobile device apps for communication and control.

Reasons to Install an Intercom

• Increased level of security for businesses and homes.
• Ability to open the door or gate remotely.
• Ability to verify the identity a visitor before allowing access.
• Cost and time saving for businesses by not having to hire personnel at gates or requiring staff to walk to the door to open it.
• Increased safety for your staff or loved one.

Most Intercoms are Now Available with Wifi and Mobile Apps Allowing People to Answer Their Door from Everywhere.

SECURITY TIP: Use an intercom system with a good quality colour camera. Visual identification is an important aspect and allows you to make a better decision.

Mobile Apps for Intercom System

Wired or Wireless?

We strongly recommend wired intercom systems due to higher reliability, robustness and communication security. Wireless intercoms rely on wi-fi and/or radio frequencies which present a number of weaknesses. Every time your wi-fi goes down, wireless intercoms will stop working. They are also more susceptible to hacking. Lastly, wireless systems are very much limited by range. If you have a large building or the gate is a fair distance away, a wired system would be the better option. Both wired and wireless systems can offer mobile apps for control and communication.

Ask Us About Gate and Door Access Control and Automation

Extend the functionality of our intercom and entry control. Remotely manage deliveries, after hour access, personnel or family forgetting their keys.

Quality Intercom Products

Security & Data Systems highly recommend intercom systems from Aiphone and Vimar. The two leading intercom companies provide residential and business intercom solutions and have been a trusted name in the industry for decades. No matter your requirements, we are 100% confident of providing you with a quality intercom product to suit your exact needs.

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