Integrated Security Systems

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An integrated security system is the strongest means of security for your organization and personnel. It is a multi-layer approach, comprising of a number of security systems all working together to safeguard your buildings, assets and people. An integrated security system most commonly includes an intrusion alarm with back-to-base alarm monitoring, video camera (CCTV) system and video monitoring, building access control system, smoke and fire alarm system. In addition it may include a public address system, security lights, security guard tours and additional perimeter protection methods such as fence vibration and frequency sensors.

SECURITY TIP: Would be intruders target businesses with poor security. Premises with high levels of security are rarely targeted due to the perceived risk of getting caught or recorded. Do not ignore business security until it’s too late.

Why Invest in an Integrated Security System?

Integrated security systems can help you and your business in many ways including saving you money in the long term. Consider how much a break in, vandalism, continual inventory shrinkage, fire damage, or a fraudulent liability case could cost. An integrated security system takes a multi-layered approach to minimize risks and increase safety, productivity and efficiency. Below are several key benefits integrated security systems bring to any business or organisation.

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Multi-layered Protection – just as multiple layers of paint better protect a piece of timber, an integrated security system is more effective in protecting your premises. And with security incidents, prevention is much better than the cure.

Centralised Efficiency – whether we are talking about centralized monitoring of your security systems, or central administration and operation of your systems, integrated security systems save time.

Cost Effectiveness – even though the initial outlay is significant, integrated security systems are a crucial investment that is cost effective over time. A well designed, installed and regularly maintained security system can last a couple of decades and provide numerous benefits in that time.

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Theft & Vandalism Prevention – whether protecting your building on the outside, or assets on the inside, an integrated approach maximizes your chances against malicious damage and theft.

Security Intelligence – video footage, access control data and reports from security monitoring services provide information and evidence no one can argue with.

24/7 Security An external port of your integrated security system that should be considered is 24/7 back-to-base monitoring. This provides you with trained security professionals monitoring your business 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Improved Operations – business and organisations are increasingly using video and access system data to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Security Tip: Knowing what security you want and need can often be very different. Make sure you get advice from security professionals that are not afraid to challenge you and ask all the right questions. You do not want to end up with an over-the-top security system, but you do want to have a security system that does what is required.

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