Security Alarm Installation

Key Benefits of Installing an Alarm System

Business and residential security alarm systems have become one of the most affordable and used security measures in Australia. The visible presence of an alarm strobe light and siren will deter most burglars from breaking into a property. In the case of a break-in, a quality alarm system is highly likely to scare an intruder off, as loud sirens attract attention and increase chances of discovery. Professional alarm systems are also extremely reliable and accurate. Would you prefer to rely on a random chance that a passer-by spots an intruder, or would you prefer to trust a quality alarm system with a detection and reliability rate of 99.99%?

Alarm systems also increase the value of your commercial or residential property and make it easier to rent or sell. Systems connected to fire detection sensors additionally safeguard your building and valuables from being destroyed, and most importantly they safeguard your staff or family from life threatening events. To top it off, intrusion systems, and especially back-to-base monitored alarms, can significantly reduce your annual insurance premiums.

Professional Alarm Systems for Australian Conditions
Fully Installed from $990

Did You Know?

• That pet-friendly detectors allow pets to stay inside without setting the alarm off?

• That alarm systems can notify users when alarms are turned on or off and by whom, and of course when an intrusion is detected?

• That most residential break-ins occur during the day while people are at work and most business break-ins occur at night?

• That most breaks-ins are through back-doors or windows?

• That only a very small percentage of stolen goods are ever recovered?


If the alarm goes off while the intruders are outside, they are less likely to enter.

Residential and Small to Medium Business Alarm Systems

Bosch Solution 6000

Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of alarm systems in the world. The Solution 6000 system is designed and made in Australia and is the perfect solution for residential and small to medium commercial premises. The Solution 6000 offers an extensive feature listing including integrated proximity, a variety of wireless control and communication options and one of the easiest programming and end-user interfaces on the market. The Bosch Solution 6000 has a wide array of expander and communication modules, provides up to 144 zones, 16 keypads or readers and features built-in building access control features. Bosch is well known for quality and in particular the accuracy and reliability of their detectors.

Hills Reliance 128

Hills Industries is a popular security distributor in the Australian alarm security market. Their Reliance 128 security control panel is ideal for securing up to 16 zones and is a very simple security system to operate. This Hills Reliance alarm system can be programmed to report a fire, medical or personal emergency to an alarm monitoring station offering protection for your family home, office or business premises. This Hills alarm system provides 24 hour remote monitoring of up to 16 fully programmable zones via phone or an IP system.

Large Commercial & Enterprise Alarm Systems


The below systems are as much access control systems as they are alarm systems because they are designed for larger buildings, multi-campus and enterprise organisations. They offer high degrees of flexibility and scalability in terms of their application. These products require highly skilled security integrators to design, install and commission the system.

Inner Range Inception

Inception is an access control and security system designed for use as a stand-alone system within small to medium size buildings and facilities. With ease of installation and its native web-based control, Inception offers a powerful, ultra-modern and affordable approach for managing security needs in facilities such as commercial offices, warehouses and factories, retail shops, restaurants and cafes, smart apartment buildings. The Inception system is scalable, meaning additional hardware modules can be connected to the main controller to provide additional detection inputs, access-controlled doors and even automated functions.

Inner Range Integriti

Integriti delivers a state-of-the-art solution through its integrated Security, Access Control and Building Automation functionality. It is perfect for sites of all sizes including large multi-campus institutions. Integriti's flexible modular design grows with the end-user’s site. Integriti delivers full coverage and reporting of security detection points, offering advanced single site or multi-tenancy monitoring for up to 250 areas. Support for special duress, panic and hold-up functions is provided and connection with a vast range of wireless or wired detection devices is possible. A wide range of intrusion, access, software, and monitoring communication products are available.

Interlogix Tecom Challenger

The Tecom range of products integrate alarm and access control functionality with building management systems. The strength of this versatile and intelligent system is its high level of expandability; a feature rarely matched by other alarm and access control systems. Based on a modular design principle, the Tecom Challenger can deal with small to large multi-site operations. Expansion is a simple process with this design and is further enhanced by the backward compatibility of components, offering integration and expansion on every level of operation. The Tecom Challenger portfolio recognises the importance of reporting in a range of methods and formats. With a reporting format of Contact ID, reporting methods such as dialler, STU, IP and 3G/4G.

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