Access Control

Building Access Control

Access control systems identify and permit the flow of authorised individuals in and out of specific areas and at specified times. By definition, they also deny access to unauthorized individuals. One of the more popular access control methods consists of employees being issued an access card which they are required to present / swipe in order to gain entry. The access card must be briefly held up to the proximity reader that “reads the credentials” and verifies instantaneously with a database to see whether or not the individual has access privileges. Several other access control devices and technology can be used to secure buildings. These include fingerprint readers, smartphone readers, key fobs, keypads, retina scans, chip scans, voice identification and more.

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Why Install an Access Control System?

• Increase the security of your building and make employees and tenants feel safe and secure at their place of work.

• Customisable access rights allowing you to determine who can access what and when they can do so.

• Ability to enforce multiple device entry (for example a card reader and code pad) for high security premises.

• Option for keyless entry to reduce costs of cards or key fobs as well as time administering databases when cards or key fobs are lost.

• It is less expensive and much easier to turn off access to a lost or stolen card than it is to replace locks when a key is lost or stolen.

• Access activity log provides a record of who entered where and when; traditional keys do not.

• Remote access options for staff who forget their card or a delivery van requiring to enter through the gate.

• Seamless electronic integration with other security components such as video cameras, alarms and building control systems.

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Security & Data Systems uses the latest state-of-the-art technology from access control system manufacturers including Inner Range, Interlogix, Tecom and Bosch, to monitor or deny access to premises and areas within. We listen carefully and assess the premises extensively. Documenting the goals of an access system is the most critical part. After establishing your exact needs we recommend the best system for the requirements and budget. We supply and install and can help with training your facility managers and key staff in the administration of the system. We also recommend that annual testing is performed to make sure everything works as it is supposed to and that there are no security loopholes.

Visit our Integrated Security Systems page to see how Access Control Systems work with other electronic security elements to provide the highest possible levels of protection for your premises.

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