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Security System Emergencies, Repairs and Maintenance

Like any other electronic equipment, alarms, video cameras, access control devices and intercoms have a finite life. Prevention is better than cure. As with most things, the better they are serviced, the longer they will last, and the better they will do what they have been designed for. However, from time to time a device will fail or not work correctly. This may be caused by several issues including weather events, an electrical surge, poor installation, incorrect programming, faulty manufacturing, software or firmware update issues, changes in IP communication technology or protocols, and similar.

We recommend that preventative maintenance is carried out on security systems at least once a year, most notably on integrated systems in businesses and organisations.

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Importance of Maintaining Security Systems

• You service your car, update your computer systems and maintain printers. Similarly, a security system also requires periodic maintenance for optimal operation.

• Preventative maintenance extends the life of your security investment and in the long run saves you money as you may not need to replace or repair components.

• Maintenance makes sure that your electronic security components work as they should.

• Regular maintenance updates your system with the latest software and firmware. These generally affect system performance, system vulnerability and availability of new features.

• If a break-in occurs or fire starts and the alarm systems do not work correctly, there may be insurance, legal and financial implications for your business.

SECURITY TIP: Electronic security equipment with software and firmware components should be updated periodically when new software or firmware is available. Not doing so may make the system susceptible to hacks or poor performance. You may also miss out on new features.

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